Danger Does Lurk on Social Media: Protect Yourself

Everyone uses social media these days so it seems anyway. So, when you’re uploading and talking to other people and you get likes on Instagram and other sites, you do not put considerable thought into the possible danger that actually lurks around you. Yes, social media can be dangerous and I am living proof!

I enjoy participating in groups on Facebook. I upload a lot of pics to get likes on Instagram as well. Photos are always fun to upload and I like being liked and getting followers. I even bought some followers to get some initial notice and I worked. I spend a lot of time using the sites and interacting with followers. After becoming disabled several years back, I am at home often and need something to entertain me. Social media does a perfect job.

After joining a few groups, I decided that I’d accept a few friend requests. One of the friends requests that I accepted happened to be that of a man incarcerated in a prison overseas. I did not know this at the time, of course. He began private messaging me and we developed a close relationship. I did not divulge a lot of personal details, but plenty of information was right there out in public for him and anyone else to access.

I began receiving strange emails and phone calls weeks later. Strange people telling me what I was doing at that moment, what I was wearing. Talk about spooky! I still ignored the calls. A short time later, another group member posted a newspaper article about this man. He had tortured two people and killed them on an island! I took this information and began m own investigation. Sure enough, the man had indeed been convicted of the double murders and had a lengthy criminal background.

The information that the inmate was using social media sites was soon related to the prison. He was placed into solitary confinement and his devices taken away. Little relief this is to me or to anyone else, however, since it will be only a short time until he is back on the phone. Turns out, those phone calls were being made by a family member who the prisoner asked to call to spook me.  This family member admitted this to me.

It all sounds like another episode of Jerry Springer, but it happened to me and can happen to you. I never thought I would come into contact with a killer or someone who would place those calls to my residence. I thought that I was conservative, careful, and always in the know when using social media. Do not think for a second you are above the risks that social media has. Everyone is at danger, no matter where you live or how safe you think you are. Screen all friend requests before you accept them, keep your profiles private, and do not post a lot of personal details.

Don’t let it turn you off though. I still spend a ton of time on social sites, but now I’m more careful.